sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

VAMPIRE OUTLAW - The Coffinshakers

Another cursed night’s begun, I’m on the road again
A man in black on the attack, from the Devil I’ve been sent
When the dying sun has given way to the city’s neon lights
I’m movin’ through the night on my endless ride

Vampire outlaw
The meanest one you ever saw

I have no heart or soul, but at least I’ve got some class
Shadows come alive wherever I may pass
I keep on riding faster, I’m trapped in a spell
There are no speed limits on the highway to Hell

Vampire outlaw
The fastest one you ever saw

My pockets are empty, I’ve got no place to live
If I want it I take it, it’s nothing money can give
Across the land I travel, your life’s blood is my goal
But along the way I may just even steal your soul

Vampire outlaw
Got you in my claws

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